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Free download stable #

version 0.24.8

Windows logo0.24.8 stable1 MBWindows installer (Java 9 at least).
macOS logo0.24.8 stable53 MBmacOS application (>10.7.3, you need Java 9). Open the disk image and copy FidoCadJ into your Application folder.
Linux logo0.24.8 stable699 kBLinux or any operating system (with at least Java 9). Try to double click on the file. Or type from a shell: java -jar fidocadj.jar
PDF Icon0.24.8 stable2.1 MBUser manual in english (pdf)

If fidocadj.jar is opened with a zip utility, you probably do not have Java on your computer. You can freely download it from the Oracle web site.

Participate to the development #

GitHub logoFidoCadJThe FidoCadJ GitHub project: post a bug report, ask for a particular feature, checkout the source code…

Old stable #

version 0.24.7

Requires Java 1.7 at least, so it might be useful for older computers.

Windows logo0.24.7 oldstable)3.5 MBWindows installer (Java 1.7 at least).
macOS logo0.24.7 oldstable10 MBMacOSX application (>10.4, requires Java 1.7 at least). Open the dmg disk image, and copy the FidoCadJ application into your Application directory.
Linux logo0.24.7 oldstable649 kBVersion for any operating system (with Java version 1.7 at least). Often, you can can double click on the file. Or type from a shell: java -jar fidocadj.jar
Android logo0.24.5 kappa721 kBAn old preliminary version of FidoCadJ for Androidâ„¢ (4.0 at least).
PDF Icon0.24.7 stable2.6 MBUser manual in english (pdf)